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Originally Posted by Choke_Wire
well i dont know if u can do it but i can bring my legs up and put him in a triangle choke from there. I would say if u have only a minite left in the round tough it ourt but other than that cant help ya
yeah i was also thinking to myself how this is impossible.

You must be thinking of guard of coarse.

Another sweep from full mount is to sit up and reach over like your going for a kimura but instead use your left arm to grab his left elbow(which will be on your right side, you can do this either way so just reverse my instructions)
Now that you have a good grip you almost want to the same "bucking" action but you want to really drive your hip against theirs and at the same time using the arm to pull them down.

If all goes well you will land in their gaurd, not quite a dominant position but certenly better then being mounted.

its so hard to explain without pics so i hope that made sense.

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