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Things that Grind Your Gears!

Thought I'd make a cheeky thread. There are an abundant amount of little things in general life that really grind my gears. I never let them get on top of me, usually. So, since the forum is fairly quiet at the moment I thought I'd vent a little frustration I have on general life and I invite you all to join in. This thread doesn't have to be all negative, we can share a smile or two too!

1. Slow walking people.

Now, this one is subjective. I have my own pace, its neither fast or slow, like the baby bears porridge, its just right. What annoys me about this is when I'm trying to walk my way along a pathway, and theres a small group of people ahead, walking slow as f*ck, totally oblivious to their surroundings. I can't pass, lest I get run over by on coming cars, so I have to slowly walk behind them, looking for openings to squeeze through and get to the front. Annoying.

2. Unwarrented arrogance or ignorance

Oh man this is a biggie. This goes for anyone who feels that they are in anyway superior to anyone else. I'm talking generalities here. So I'm excluding rapists, peados etc...To feel superior to these type of people is natural. But to assume that you are superior to someone else because of reasons such as race, colour, creed, sexuality, sexual preference, nationality etc is so very very ignorant, thoughtless, senseless and of course, arrogant.

3. Sheeple

OK, so this one is maybe a little unfair as alot of people don't realise they are in fact indoctrinated to think, feel, dress, eat and act what the TV and media in general tells you. I'm not a total exception. What annoys me about this, for example, say a group of friends are together, listening to music, instead of listening to different types of music and garnering their own opinions, they might just put on the top 40 thats in the chart and listen to that. I mean, Rihanna and Maroon 5 are in the charts which mean they are popular, which must mean they are the best right???? WRONG!!! And its not just music that we are being indoctrinated to think is awesome, this goes for TV, politics, education, economics. If people, genuinely did their own resarch on these things, instead of following the crowd, watching BBC, NBC, FOX etc, the world would become a better place.

Theres plenty more of these 'little' irritations, exasperations and frustrations but I've already written too much.

Join in.

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