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Improper Grammer that will never be fixed

I know Its Kind of ridiculous but It really gets to me for example.

1.about 95% of the people I encounter mix up Jealous and envious when they say things like "your Just jealous" or "I am so jealous."The correct definition is:
If you are Jealous you have something and are afraid of lousing it "a Jealous husband/wife"
If someone else has something and you want it you are envious "green with envy"
Please do me a favore and start using these words correctly

2. Another is Hung vs Hanged. Hung may be the past tense of hang but when someone was/or is to be excited by hanging he was/or is to be Hanged dammit!!! I will never forget when I was in under grad political science and my professor was talking about a historical figure and said he was hung immediately On reflex I went hanged!!!! underneath my breath. I remember thinking oh F*** this is a professor in a pretty prestigious university and after all his schooling he didn't know Hanged from Hung and not only that but he is teaching university student the improper grammar. Luckily he didnt hear me

3, And Lastly and the one that gets me the most is "I could care less" vs "I couldn't care less". When people dont care about something many times they say "I could care less about ____" My mind goes nuts when I here this.It doesn't make any sense. Oh you could care less that must mean you care about it a great deal because there is a lesser ammout you could care. "No I could care less about ____" WTF Please Just use correct grammar and say "I couldn't care less" because that is the phrase that truly describes your feelings.

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