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Originally Posted by Hammerlock2.0 View Post
People who play acoustic guitar to get laid
I'm 100% sure everyone knows one of these. These are the guys who just have to grab that guitar on a party or whatever and they start playing either Wonderwall by Oasis, Hey there Delilah from that one band that is soooo underground or (and this is the newest addition to the spread your legs playlist) Let Her Go by Passenger. Not only are these people obnoxious but the songs are all incredibly easy, the only thing you need to play them is opposable thumbs. What makes it even more frustrating is that these people can't even hold a guitar the right way.

And that leads me to the next thing...

Cheap songs
Not every song has to be Beethoven's fifth but would a little effort be too much to ask? If a song is just three or four chords all over again on your acoustic guitar, four notes on your bass and a generic drum beat that sounds like it was made with EZ Drummer and your melody and lyrics are clearly only there to make some teenage girls happy between their legs you should probably not call yourself a musician. Especially if you didn't even write that song yourself.

what makes it even worse is...

People listening to these songs on full volume on public transport. Or actually anybody listening to anything on max volume on public transport.
If you wanna **** your ears, please continue to do so but get yourself noise cancelling headphones (or whatever they're called) or I and everyone else on the train will murder you. Thank you.
As a Jazz guitarist I feel your pain. I Listen and play Jazz guitar which Is extremely complexed and sophisticated then turn around and see people (especially college and teen girls) going nut over crap music with hardly any real theory behind it.

"The fat man flies at midnight"
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