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Hhaha...this is some funny shiet!

Hey there Delilah - LOLZ!!! It's true.

Thanks for the grammatical tips. Common grammatical errors, misnomers and malapropism.
- 360 degrees vs 180 degrees in the context of life changing events. If it's 360 then you're back to where you started.
- cell, sail, sale, sell,
- effect vs affect
- then vs than
- circumvent vs circumnavigate
-"Revenge is like serving cold cuts."

My favorite ---> "You know, Sung Tizzoo! The Chinese Prince Matchabelli!"

Electro pop music that's being churned out. Songs with lyrics that begin with "Baby."

The pound (aka fist bump) vs handshake folly. Always happens to me.

Finally, people who say they have a high tolerance of any illegal substance. I know I've never claimed it, but when put to the test they all usually fail. Usually to my amusement.

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