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Originally Posted by El Bresko View Post

How do any of the guys that Bones' fought compare to JDS? His only loss is to the champion and he has torn through contender after contender his whole UFC career. Bones has fought a bunch of has beens, he's about to fight Gus who was already submitted by Phil Davis in the UFC.

if you forget about how they made their names and look specifically at the fights surrounding their title shots, Bones' defenses aren't as impressive as they initially seem.

The only guy that he's faced who was really in his prime was Bader (and Bader sucks) unless you want to count the MW Vitor (who's in a second prime due to TRT and GOD)

Cain V Machida would be just sad to watch. I don't like Lyoto but I don't want to see him on the verge of death either.

We're talking about a 235lb guy that throws around 280lb NCAA champs here, Bones has only ever faced opponents smaller than him. Cain has wrestled and fought with bigger men his whole life.
Big Nog is as has-been as they come. Stojnic, O'Brian, Morris and Lesnar aren't even in the UFC anymore. Kongo was 5 seconds away from knocking Cain out. JDS did knock Cain out in Rd 1.

Yet it is Jones who has been facing and crushing has-beens, when most of his opponents are still ranked top 10?

And if Gustaf being subbed by a top 10 like Davis makes him suck then JDS must be terrible because he was submitted by some can named Mamute. Actually Anderson must be the worst fighter of all time then because he was subbed by not one but two complete cans.

Cain didn't throw around any 280 lber, he got taken down, got up, tagged him and then kept on him. Toss Lesnar around he did not. Cain has great aggression and drive but lets not pretend Lesnar wasn't a guy who folded at the first real punch. Jones does not.

This fight won't happen for a while if ever, but properly bulked up and in the correct mindset, my money would be on Jones. I think JDS is actually the worse matchup for him at HW and I still see a bulked up Jones taking that more often than not.
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