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Originally Posted by El Bresko View Post
Literally none of those guys you mention have looked impressive in years, aside from Vitor who is a MW.

While they were once at the level of a JDS, they are not in the prime of their careers like JDS currently is. After Bones beats Glover and Gus i'll give him more credit.

I would be happy to take any bets regarding Cain V Bones when it comes around.
The only losses any of those washed up opponents of Jones have are to each other (and some to Glover). They've trounced any of the new blood that came to wash them out ... Rashad beat Thiago and Davis for example. If they were so washed up, shouldn't some fresh not so washed up fighters be coming to take their place in the top 10s? Machida, Shogun, Rashad, Bader, all are still ranked solid top 10s.

In contrast a majority of Cain's opponents have been on continuous losing streaks since fighting him and are out of the UFC already. If anything it's his opponents that washed themselves right out of the UFC. Literally the only guys Cain has beat that are still ranked top 10 are JDS (who also knocked him out) and Bigfoot. And the only reason Bigfoot is even ranked top 10 is because Overreem dropped his hands after tooling him for 2 rounds, and Browne hopped himself into crutches, otherwise he'd be 0-5 in his last 5 fights. Such a stellar resume Cain has really, compared to Jones.

This is in literally the thinnest division in the UFC with the fewest fighters signed up, where all you have to do to make top 10 is literally win 2 UFC fights in a row, and Cain still doesn't have many of them on his resume.

I'm not arguing that Cain isn't talented or capable of beating most top 10 HWs or even Jones. But it's still silly to argue that his current achievements or record are anywhere near Jones who you're trying to downplay.
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