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Tips for New Grapplers

I've been taught since I started grappling that improvement comes through dedicated training and study. That pretty much goes without saying, but here are a few tips I wanted to throw out for new grapplers on how to quickly improve your game.

1) Train with experienced grapplers. Training with your buddies is great, but you learn the most training with guys who are on a much higher level than you are.

2) When you don't have an available training partner, watch tape. Watch grapplers like Fedor Emelianenko, Royce Gracie, Matt Hughes and Kevin Randleman and make notes about how they do certain things, then try and apply them the next time you are training.

3) Walk through situations slowly and carefully. Think about things before you do them, training is the best time to hone your reflexes and to think about your technique, so that it's all built in once practical application becomes necessary.

4) Be aware of your opponent and what you would do in their situation. You can always end up on the other side of the technique, be aware of how you would try to escape.

5) Don't just focus on the parts of your body active in the submission, engage the whole body. This greatly increases your power and physical strength.

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