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Originally Posted by dragonfury72BJJ
It's Not Spelt It's Spelled!!!!!!!!!!
I gotta give you rep for that this guy tries to school us with a spelling lesson, then KO's himself with an incorrect spelled word. So classic, wish i would have caught that before you. lol

Spelt is not a word in any dictionary period, learn your tenses... maybe hooked on phonics?

You might have a quote from some dictionary but I still don't agree that can be easily added in...

Main Entry: 1spelt
Pronunciation: 'spelt
Function: noun
Etymology: Middle English, from Old English, from Late Latin spelta, of Germanic origin; perhaps akin to Middle High German spelte split piece of wood, Old High German spaltan to split -- more at SPLIT
: an ancient wheat (Triticum spelta syn. T. aestivum spelta) with spikelets containing two light red grains; also : the grain of spelt

This is the definition of spelt has nothing to do with the word spell.

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