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Originally Posted by No_Mercy View Post
Roflz...the more I think about must be a long lost relative. Cuz those were my sentiments.

I'm going to run with this. Alexander fights to the death conquering continents, not just countries, or cities. He was always in the front lines with his generals leading the charge. He finally got shot with an arrow in his campaign against India that led to a stalemate. His army never lost a war.

He was trained in every art form imaginable; mathematics, politics, astronomy, medicine, science, and the art of warfare.

This would not be a fist fight. It would be straight up ancient time sword fight to the death. Alexander Of Macedonia is the GREATEST LEADER OF ALL TIME...PERIOD. Hannibal, Attila, King Epirus, Augustus + all Caesars, are at a distant 2nd. Conquered much of the known world by the age of 33.

Such a strange thread, but thought provoking.
Actually Hannibal regarded Alex the greatest and then phyrrus 2nd. I think Scipio the guy who defeated hannibal was 3rd greatest of all time.

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