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Originally Posted by WouldLuv2FightU
Ah, Rush how you been? If you were smart you wouldn't have said "heck" because you are the only person on this forum that is enough of a flaming homosexual to use the word "heck" rather than "hell". I can't believe you haven't hung yourself yet. You truly are the epitamy of a f*cking loser.

thats what i called OWNED lol

Sam Morgan? are you kidding me? wow he LOST to burkman and petz and those 2 alone must be the same league as sean sherks 2 loss's and over 30 pro MMA wins and the only 2 losses they have came from 1 TKO from GSP and 1 Decision by Matt Hughes.

Your an idiot, go get a ****ing life and when you find one make sure you kill yourself asap because no one ****ing likes you or ever will.

Btw Sam Morgan lost to Billy Rush, who btw has a 2-1 record (great trainer but not so hot fighter), so once again just stfu and leave no one likes you and no one ever will.

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