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Me vs MICHAEL CASSELL Philaboxingreport

This is a Debate im having with this guy.. he posted shit about joe rogan and MMA and it pissed me off.. i will send the rest when we are done i just wanted to send what was said so far..

From: Nikoscrocop
You’re a goddamn moron who knows nothing about the sport of MMA your just still on Boxing that is way past its time.. Get on the wagon pal..

From: MICHAEL CASSELL Philaboxingreport

20,000 filled Madison Square Garden to See Cotto fight. I don’t do bandwagons…Pal
From: Nikoscrocop

Yea but if you look at the Figures Boxing has been around for YEARS.. and has not gotten any new names all the names in Boxing were already established no new names will be entering boxing MMA is the next step everyone will convert to MMA.. Boxing was a good sport its MMA is going to GROW stronger .your Story was an amazing read don't get me wrong but its just your putting down a Business that you yourself will be working for one day ..UFC 71 had 14,728 in attendance alot of people for a blood event that would never be considerd a sport. 2006 PPV earnings Boxing had their biggest year ever and still didnt come out on top. UFC a Bloodsprt was Number 1 go figure. if you take 5 people off the street and ask them who is the Boxing HW champion of the world and who is the UFC HW champon of the world i bet you 4 out 5 would know Randy Couture over ????

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