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Call of Duty, Halo and all those other FPS simply require shooting at another player. Whoever gets the first shot in, wins. Yes, hand eye coordination comes into play, but then you can say the same about almost every game out there.

They are basic, these days generic and uninspired. Nothing complex or creative about them and I do not understand why they are so popular across all ages. Actually, I do - IT'S BECAUSE EVERYBODY ELSE IS SHEEP AND FOLLOW WHAT IS POPULAR.

Last Of Us requires you to approach scenarios in a number of different ways, ESPECIALLY if you play on the Hard or Survivor settings, the latter of which does not allow Listen mode. Play the game on Survivor mode and then come and tell me Last Of Us does not take more skill to complete than a generic first person shooter

Also, have you even played Last Of Us online??? Completely refreshing. It requires TEAMWORK, STEALTH and a really good strategy. You can not run and gun like in a FPS otherwise you'll pay for it. Last Of Us online had me scratching my brain several times, and for that I raise my cup to it.
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