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Originally Posted by HitOrGetHit View Post
It isn't as simple as I saw you first. Maybe when you queue randomly on xbox live sure. But there is a reason that a pro team will wipe the floor with a team of random people. I don't think you understand how organized they play the games.

And speaking of not run and gunning. Ever play Battlefield 3? Yeah... That game requires more skill than everything in the Last of Us be a very large margin.

I have played Survivor mode. It takes a lot of patience but thats about it. If you have any sort of minor problem solving ability, you can beat the Last of Us. Those type of games are much more about telling a story and keeping you immersed than actually making it difficult.

If you don't believe it I don't really care I suppose. But competitive gaming at high levels has always and will always require more skill than games like the Last of Us.

You think it is button mashing and luck. That just means that you don't actually know what goes into getting good at the game. Like I said, if you button mash to victory, you are playing against flat out terrible people.
Pretty much this. I had a group of friends that made an entire team in CoD and we destroyed everyone, because we used actual tactics and strategy and shredded people and we are not pro gamers, but it was quite often that each person on the other team had more deaths then all of us combined. We had specialists and strategies for every game mode and that was just from playing with one another. Story based single player games are great but at least at this point no A.I in gaming can out do playing an actual human that understands and learns patterns and can actually adapt to them.

My point being, all the most difficult a.i battles you eventually can figure it out and beat them, but then make it difficult not by actually adapting or changing they just give the a.i absurd advantages and if you were to give a human player that kind of advantage over other human players the game would never even become competitive.

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