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Originally Posted by HitOrGetHit View Post
It isn't as simple as I saw you first. Maybe when you queue randomly on xbox live sure. But there is a reason that a pro team will wipe the floor with a team of random people. I don't think you understand how organized they play the games.

And speaking of not run and gunning. Ever play Battlefield 3? Yeah... That game requires more skill than everything in the Last of Us be a very large margin.

I have played Survivor mode. It takes a lot of patience but thats about it. If you have any sort of minor problem solving ability, you can beat the Last of Us. Those type of games are much more about telling a story and keeping you immersed than actually making it difficult.

If you don't believe it I don't really care I suppose. But competitive gaming at high levels has always and will always require more skill than games like the Last of Us.

You think it is button mashing and luck. That just means that you don't actually know what goes into getting good at the game. Like I said, if you button mash to victory, you are playing against flat out terrible people.
Maybe there are ways around making it APPEAR more interesting and tactic based, but these games do not have my interest and never will to be frank with you my friend. I have not played Battlefield but I have heard of it, it appears to be another first person shooter, but maybe it's an exception to the rule, I do not know.

I have a friend who is left handed like me and extremely intelligent at video games. He is what they call a 'hardcore gamer' and he found Last Of Us very difficult on Hard Mode, so I do not know where you get this idea that other games require more skill, it is very confusing to me

ESPECIALLY online, have you played it online? How can you say it does not take strategy and skill when it clearly does? You should play me online and then see what happens.

The weapon crafting system in that online mode makes things very interesting as opposed to picking up a grenade launcher or something.
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