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Originally Posted by TheNegation
No. Thats all I have to say to your arguement. You cannot take six techniques from a certain style and say you are practising that style.
TKD is more than six techniques. Its a way of fighting, of throwing punches and kicks, blocking punches and kicks and evading punches and kisks, and it is an ineffective way, as proven by most people who stepped into competitions with it.
A more effective fighting art is Muay Thai.
''TKD practitioners in general tend to utilize their techniques poorly'' TKD in general has poor techniques.

You don't put time and effort to train in a certain style only to take a acouple punches and kicks from it, thatwould be a complete waste of time.

TKD didn't evolveinto having flippy kicks, it always had them.
This is not a true statement. You do realize that Muay Thai also has similar "showy" techniques that predate TKD by centuries? For instance, the climbing of opponents to deliver a knee or elbow strike? How about launching yourself so that you're horizontal to the ground so that you his your opponent with the top of your head, or with you butt? Look up a book called Muay Thai: The Art of Fighting by Yod Ruerngsa, Khun Kao Charuad and James Cartmell and you'll see some pretty outlandish techniques. Does that mean that MT is useless by the content of techniques? No not at all...

If the practitioner trains with intention to do well in the ring, they will do well in the ring. Regardless what styles they have studied. Bas Rutten has openly stated that his TKD training was invaluable to the rest of his Martial Arts training as a whole. There are a number of K1 practitioners that have trained in TKD at some point or another. "But they do well because they practice MT!" you interject. Bull... K1 is far from MT.

Which brings us back to the original point, it isn't the content of the style. Rather it is the context of training that will lend itself to success in one's given fora whether that be a ring, octagon or on the street. If you're caught up in the content (that magical "six techniques" that you are searching for us to villify), then you're going to be tied up in keeping track of a live, quantified, numerical execution of techniques to try to map out a "sure-fire" formula of MMA success. Sorry, but it would be impossible to do that. If you claim that you can, I'm going to ask you where you're hiding your snake oil. Using that to validate the weight of your training would be like getting taken down, sweeping your opponent and then punching him unconscious only to openly state to passersby that, "That's due to my boxing training because I hit him 8 times and only swept him once. My grappling training had minimal statistical merit in that encounter." Sure... If you say so...

Now I hear the oft thrown around cliche' of "Discarding the useless and training the useful..." This is a very famous saying that was quoted from Bruce Lee. Here's the caveat to his words: Bruce trained himself in everything that he could to make himself familiar. He didn't see the outcome of X number of matches or challenges before he did inventory on his catalog of techniques and declared that "everything from X-style is crap." The man took the time to train in everything that he could. The place I'm currently going to is run by a student of Lee's and would say that a little differently. He would state it as, "Discard what is useless and train to find what works for you."

Granted, not everyone is going to able to do each and every Poom in the Complete Hyung of Tae Kwon Do. But if it helps them to get rid of their "2 left feet" and helps them deliver a mean kick at chest height, I'm not going to black list the whole of a style or methodology because it doesn't do well with X-Style in this type of event or sport. In that case... TKD is useless because it doesn't do well against MT in a MT match. MT is useless because it doesn't do well against San Shou in a San Shou match. San Shou is useless because it doesn't do well against Boxing in a Boxing match. Boxing is useless because it doesn't help against Greco-Roman in Olympic wrestling. Greco-Roman is useless because it doesn't help BJJ in a BJJ match. BJJ is useless because it doesn't help me when a guy has a gun pulled at me from down the hall. And so on, and so on, ad nauseum.

With that I give you this and this to look at. It should be self explanatory.

It doesn't matter if you agree or disagree... As long as I don't bore you and I spark a moment of thought, my goal is achieved.

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