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Originally Posted by js9234
Wow, ya'll have gotten off subject... MT is better for conditioning, useful in a street fight and MORE useful in MMA, building strong kicks and punches, etc. It is just plain better. I'm not saying that TKD isn't useful at all. If you like TKD that's cool, no problem at all BUT MT is all around better. I am not biased to either because I've trained in both. I honestly think MT is just too hardcore for a lot of people and they should go to TKD if they can't handle MT. Yes, I'm saying TKD is below MT because it is and if you wanna argue that, YOU ARE WRONG...
I'm wouldn't say that. I'd say that each has their place. It's like saying a flat-headed screwdriver is better than a knife because its tip doesn't break off when you open paint cans. Each is used differently.

In your instance, guess what? The content of the training is determined by the context of training. In which case, it's just a game of swapping labels after you strip things down. Why do I say that?

In due time, MT (outside of Thailand) will be just as watered-down and McDojo'd as a lot of TKD. It's current wide known success in open combat events will help that process to accelerate by quite a bit. The same thing happened to a lot of the now "useless" TMA's that were so prevelant in the late 60's and up through the 70's.

It doesn't matter if you agree or disagree... As long as I don't bore you and I spark a moment of thought, my goal is achieved.

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