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Originally Posted by marcthegame View Post
People forget that Dan Henderson is one of those mysterious fighters that when he's down we write him off, but some how he makes a come back. Look in the last six to seven years at his career.

Lost to page then silva... ko bisping was backed
Lost to Jake Sheild....started koing people including fedor
Lost the last two fights by split decision, beats vitor the henderson train will start again.

You have two guys on Trt, both strikers, this is going to be a war. I don't know who will win, I would say Henderson based on he has a chin.
This was a deja vu moment for me. I was thinking of this exactly before I even saw this post. Reason being I was thinking of all the fighters who had ups and downs in their careers then a winning streak beginning with The Reem, Wand, Vitor, GSP, Denis Kang, Hector, and Hendo.

Last night I watched Rashad vs Hendo. I've been working so damn much I had no idea they even fought...haha! Well, Hendo is the same as always. Right hand tucked under his chin cocked ready to go. Wings his punches and goes off balance. Still can take any amount of punishment and still stand. But definitely is significantly slower and tends to gas in the latter rounds.

Hendo KOs people who get caught off guard or decides to engage foolishly without backing up, sidestepping, or using angles. Even Evans got clipped, well that happens in every fight. Vitor already fought Hendo to a draw. He knows what Hendo is capable of AND he'll also have Rashad in his corner which is a plus.

Vitor should fight a smart game plan and take his time. Go for takedowns and wear old man Dan down.

Dan vs any brawler is a KOTN material.
- Thiago Silva
- Wand III

Vitor vs anybody is always exciting.

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