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Originally Posted by Hammerlock2.0 View Post
Im going to bed knowing that the us will have announced the invasion of syria by the time i wake up. I dont wanna live on this planet anymore.

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Aw man, I feel the same sometimes. Makes you wonder how we can even be the same species as these people who lie to further their own agenda of power and money. This is another step to depopulating the planet. BUT WE ARE THE MAJORITY! Lets protest! Peacefully. I've been on many marches and rallies in my time. We can't lose.

Originally Posted by No_Mercy View Post
This is how Richard The Lionheart bankrupted the treasury on the crusades and the Romans with overexpansion.

Anybody who's familiar with The Grand Chessboard will know what this is all about.

Another regime will "make a stand" then be toppled within a year followed by another until Iran is encircled.

Lets see,

Israel vs Palestine


It's a powder keg out there.
Oh yeah, its obvious whats going on here. Sad state of affairs. I'm willing to bet the whole 'chemical weapons' story is utter bullshit. Either it was all falsified or the weapons were provided by Israel, U.S, U.N etc... Both the Syrain government and the rebels get their weapons and money, ultimately, from the same people; The World Banks, IMF, UN, US, UK, Germany, France, Israel, all subsidiaries of the one special little 'illuminated' group.

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