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Round 1 - Herb Dean will officiate this five-round main event rematch. Kampmann looks to shoot for the takedown immediately, going after a single. COndit defends, but Kampmann looks for the inside trip and he gets it. Kampmann will work out of Condit's guard right away. He looks to pass, but Condit looks for a leglock that stifles the Dane momentarily. Eventually, he regains guard along the fence. Kampmann tries to popsture up and land. Condit gets to his feet, but it's right back to the ground, and Kampmann takes his back looking for a choke. But Condit weasels his way out and goes after Kampmann's body. Kampmann gets back to the feet, and he wants to bully it right back down to the floor. And he eventually gets it. Condit looks for a kimura, then wonders if a triangle choke might be there. Neither are. But Condit gets back up and he nearly lands a big punch. Kampmann is complaining about an eye poke, but he won't get the time, and Condit tries to spinning kicks that are off the mark. But with 30 seconds left in the round, Kampmann again wants a takedown and gets it. It's a 10-9 first round for Kampmann thanks to the four takedowns he landed.

Round 2 - High kick from Condit early, but it's blocked. He'll pepper some more kicks out there, likely wanting to discourage Kampmann from coming in for the takedowns. Condit then narrowly misses a high kick. Kampmann's left hand is on the button still as Considt tries to kick. Kampmann again wants in for a single, but Condit defends this time. Big combo for Condit is there, and almost immediately Kampmann wants a single. But Condit defends, counters and takes Kampmann's back on the feet with a body lock. Condit lands an elbow to the side of the head, and already Kampmann looks like he's slowing down as Condit lands some combos. A pair of Condit right hands are good, and then a kick to the body. Condit puts together a combo, then kicks high. And high again. Kampmann stays busy, but his face is showing the result of some of the punches he's eaten. Condit throws a spinning back fist, and it nearly lands flush. Kampmann shoots in again, but Condit keeps it on the feet, and again Condit nearly takes his back standing. Condit puts together a two-kick and single punch combo late. Condit will take a 10-9 second round on the scorecard.

Round 3 - Condit teeps early, then spins with a kick. He avoids the takedown as Kampmann comes inside, and he lands a good right hand. Back in the middle, Condit has a high kick partially blocked. A minute in, it looks like Condit will defend another takedown, but Kampmann pulls it off nicely. He doesn't do any damage on the ground, and Condit gets back to the feet and tries to land a combo on the break Condit starts to put together a combo, and he finishes it with a perfectly placed right elbow between the eyes that immediately opens Kampmann's forehead up. Condit will try to go to work on that cut. It's bleeding pretty good, and Condit lands another straight right hand as he looks like a completely different fighter than the first five minutes. He's backing Kampmann up with ease, and he lands a jumping knee. He goes after a choke, but the blood helps Kampmann slip out. Condit stays on it, taking Kampmann's back looking for the rear-naked. He won't get it, and Kampmann gets back to the feet to end the round. It's a big third round for Condit, 10-9, and we'll see what the doctor says about Kampmann's cut.

Round 4 - Kampmann lands a takedown right out of the gate in the fourth, and a right hand as Condit tries to get up. Condit stalks him down and kicks high, then to the body. Condit has him hurt. He's landing combinations. Kampmann tries to fire back. And Condit lands some knees. He drops Kampmann. And this thing is over. Dean gets in there to shut it down. It's a big comeback win for Condit after a really rough first round to get a decisive TKO win after a split-decision loss in their first fight more than four years ago. Carlos Condit defeats Martin Kampmann by TKO (strikes), 0:54 of round 4

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