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Originally Posted by John8204 View Post
600 people died due to drone strikes over the war on that to the 60,000 mostly civilians killed in Syria because y'know they kill each other as well. So while we're "raiding" their natural resources (pretty sure China and Russia get a lot of those as well) we're also the ones in-charge of policing this region. And because we aren't muslim even going into the holy land is reason to declare jihad on us.

The Middle East sucks, it's a land with very rich nations and very poor ones and you have two different Muslim factions going to war with each other. Personally I feel like this is only going to be settled with a World War hopefully it won't happen in my lifetime, or it will be like WWI and we get to stay out of it for 70% of the time.

Or we get Muslim Pope...
War on 60000 have died in Syria? Do you have a link for these numbers? I won't accept a mainstream media outlet. If the numbers you have mentioned are correct, and they very well could be, where did the rebels and the military get their weapons and money? Ultimately the same people. Its all been instigated by Israel and the west for the purpose of raiding resources. The west needed an excuse to go in there and now they have one. As No Mercy said, the west and Israel are circling Iran and are using these coups as an excuse for invading other countries. Iraq, Afgahnistan, Somalia, Egypt, Libya, Pakistan and now Syria. The west are using religion and staged coups to further their own agendas. The whole thing is so obvious its sickening. But when the majority of people get their news from mainstream media what else should I expect? Its indoctrination on massive scale. Makes me sad.

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