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Originally Posted by Liddellianenko View Post
It's based on dominance. Texeira has absolutely wrecked everyone he's fought in the last 8 years, most in the first round, some in the 2nd and only a couple of decisions.

Among the guys he's wrecked have been a top 10 (at the time) in Rampage and some solid names like Te Tuna, Kingbury, Maldonaldo, Sokoudjou, and Ricco. If he adds another top 10 in Bader to that list, it's a pretty decent resume.

He has yet to show a single vulnerability in his chin, wrestling, TDD, cardio or sub defense. He has bricks for hands and decent mix of technique and aggression standing, Olympic wrestling creds even if from a non wrestling powerhouse country, and a 2nd degree black belt in BJJ. Even his mental game is solid; the guy never talks trash, gives respect but never awe, never looks flustered/scared/angry/eager whatever. Just goes in there, does his job and does it well, that's a tough guy to break.

While other top LHW contenders like Davis or Gustaf have looked one dimensional or vulnerable in some areas, Glover has shown no such weaknesses. That's why he's ranked so high in spite of lacking top 5 wins.
Well as I mentioned in the quoted post, I'm not trying to deny any of his talent. I just think as far as ranking goes, potential is a difficult thing to sort.
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