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Originally Posted by Spite View Post
I understand your sentiments in not going to war, but my faith in humanity is dented when 1500 people die a nightmarish death at the hands of their own government and the nations that can do something about it, stand by and watch. The quote "Over analysis leads to paralysis", springs to mind.

The world is failing the people of Syria.

Yes, I understand the situation is not black and white and an attack/invasion of Syria has consequences that go beyond victory or defeat.

The world is ****ed up place at times.
Hey, I'm the first guy to kill off a dictator when he does something so horrible he deserves it but right now there is no proof he even did it, the Syria experts all claim he's very intelligent and wouldn't be stupid enough to give anyone a reason to invade. So until there is proof every country invading Syria is just doing it to further their own causes.

What happens when the US invades a country that is protected by China and Russia withouth any proof again? That is what horrifies me. Get some proof, get a UN mandate, China and Russia will have to condone an invasion or else they will look like the bad guys and WWIII will have to wait until Egypt blows up within the next 5 years or so.

Sorry about the little rant. And yes, earth is a ****ed up place.

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