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I dont even care about juicing anymore, I just assume fighters are taking something. I mean how can Barnett get so much shit for cheating wile simultaneously preparing for a fight with a guy who's on TRT at 34?

Did he cheat? sure he cheated twice, Jim told me face to face the entire story about how he accidentally allowed a supplement with a banned substance into the dojo and recommended it to Josh. You cant get more iconic than Royce Gracie and he did it so BFD, isn't it a moot point now that you can just get a TRT exemption among other exemptions? I would think so.

The NSAC basically said it all when they gave Overeem a 6 month suspension for roids and Diaz 12 months for pot. I think we should all know by now how the athletic commissions are corrupt and not worthy of the authority they wield.

As a sanctioning body, if you cant or wont enforce a rule unilaterally then the rule should be removed.

In fact if Im a guy that got popped for roids id be like WTF is this shit about and then id hit up the Doc and apply for an exemption.

Originally Posted by dlxrevolution View Post
I saw this topic on another forum, and a lot of people were saying that by criticizing a UFC produced show, Ben hurts his chances of getting to the UFC.

If anything, I think this HELPs his stock. If history has shown us anything over the past couple years, it's that the UFC likes big talkers. And Ben Askren is certainly making up for his non fan friendly style by talking trash and calling out as many people as he can.
He puts everyone at his events away except the guy he's fighting. Ben's a quality fighter but who's going to buy a ppv he's headlining unless they have insomnia? I mean is the UFC going to shell for a guy that cant pull PPVs and that you DONT want on TV because hes boring as shit? Hes certainly NOT the guy Id headline a free event with because he could turn first time viewers into last time viewers..

I realize Im being critical but if he wants a big contract I dont think the UFC will give it to him besides Bella still has him, they can make a counter offer. So you know he wont come cheap and IMO hes not worth the cash they would need to shell to obtain him.

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