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Round one: Hinds the ref, red for Koch, Black for Poirier. Koch looks different with hair. Koch slips and then gets tagged. Dustin gets on top and Koch fishes for a triangle. Poirier tries to power out, but Koch grabs the leg. Poirier tightens it and rolls. Poirier is moving, Koch adjusts and gets the arm, but Poirier manages to escape and get back into top position. Koch with another triangle attempt and Poirier gets the hell out of Dodge, this time allowing Koch to stand. Poirier backs him into the fence and they struggle in the clinch for a while. They trade knees. Poirier with a left and a BADONKAS right that floors Koch. Koch recovers to tie him up a bit and avoid the big ground and pound that Dustin is throwing. "Diamond" landing solid GNP here. Koch wall walks and gets up, but Poirier slams him back down in a move closer to a Rock Bottom than anything. Poirier moves out of guard and clasps onto a D'arce choke, but Koch survives the end of the round.

10-9 Poirier

Round two: Koch with a couple of jabs. Straight left from Dustin. They surge into a clinch and Poirier ends up with a body lock and he trips Koch to the ground. Poirier in side control against the cage and transitions into a mount. Neck crank from Poirier. He gives it up and is now landing good punches and elbows. Koch ties him up. Poirier sits back for some reason and Koch uses the room to sit up. Right elbow from Poirier in the clinch against the fence. Knee from Koch. Poirier drops for a single but gives it up. Foot stomp from Erik. They break and are standing free. Poirier stalking and Koch circling.

10-9 Poirier

Round three: Koch with a 1-2. Poirier backing him up and lands a nice left. They clinch and Poirier tries for a takedown to no luck. Koch glances at the clock and breathes deep. Poirier with a left elbow. Another one and he ducks down. Koch widens his base and stuffs it. Koch gets a trip and he winds up on top with 3:10 to go. Full guard for Dustin, although he has a butterfly with the left leg. Short elbows from Koch, who can't pass. Koch stacks Poirier for a second, but aside from a punch, nothing happens for Koch here. Koch finally passes and Dustin scrambles but Koch takes his back. He gets in one hook and now a second with a minute to go. Poirier standing and trying to shake Koch off over his head. Koch holds on and is trying for a rear naked choke. He's for a body triangle. 15 seconds. Poirier with the finger wave, and he holds on.

Koch 10-9

Final result: Dustin Poirier def. Erik Koch via unanimous decision (29-28, 29-27, 29-27)

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