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Originally Posted by Liddellianenko View Post
Rebney can't be serious, he's the best fighter on their entire damn roster. Oh wait they've got Tito with a good back and a motivated Rampage now .

It doesn't matter how he fights, the guy is among the 3 best WWs in the world and would take out anyone not named GSP or maybe Hendricks. Maybe even those guys if he's lucky. I actually enjoy watching his amazing technique tbh, rather than than some bum #1238 ranked welterweight in the world swinging "exciting" haymakers but apparently Rebney thinks that's what people pay for.

He might just be playing possum though, to get the UFC to think "Oh this guy sucks not even Bellator wants him, let's offer him like $20000/fight". That way they sucker the UFC into lowballing him and don't have to spend as much to match the offer. Come to think of it that sounds like the more likely business scenario.
Agreed, it makes no sense at all to put so much stock into guys like Tito and Rampage while letting fresh young talent flounder and possibly slip away. I don't disagree with the sentiments that Askren's style isn't for everyone, but the guy gets the job done, and DID finish his last two fights. Not to mention if you let your champion go to the UFC, and he loses to a guy in the lower top ten, what does that say about your orgaization? Well what does it say that all of us didn't already know?
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