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Originally Posted by Bonnar426 View Post
I'm debating whether to get Diablo 3 when it comes out on console on Tuesday. I kind of ruined the game for myself when I watched all the cutscenes. I thought the ending sucked but then again the ending was never this franchises strong suit. Is Diablo 3 worth getting?
I was so hyped for D3. Group of 3 friends and I played it for a long time.

But, now in my opinion it's not worth playing anymore. Blizzard let dupes get way out of hand, which was bound to happen to some degree.

The real killer though was Blizzard messing up with some coding during something not tested on their PTR they put in last minute.

Caused trillions upon trillions of gold to be duped into the game. Instead of rolling the servers back 6 hours. They just banned people and tried to get as much of the gold out as possible that way.

It didn't work. The economy is completely garbage now. For a new player starting out on PC if you goal is to have fun after you beat the game, I would no recommend buying D3.

As for me. I'm currently still playing a lot of WoW and League of Legends.

Thinking about buying GTA 5 when it comes out, but not sure if I want to. Might just wait for the next gen systems.
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