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Originally Posted by SRooney View Post
Hi there, I was just wondering how many times a week I should train, I go to BJJ Gi every Tuesday, MMA Wednesday and BJJ No Gi every Friday, is that enough or should I be going to the other classes? I'm just a beginner. Cheers
I'm a fairly staunch proponent of gi grappling as a primary method of training for newer guys, because it forces more work on the fundamentals (since it's harder to force a scramble with a gi) and helps with understanding where exactly you want to grip. But three classes a week is fine for getting started.

In the early part of the training, it's usually bad to train too heavily, since (a) you're not going to retain very much of the information and (b) you don't want to burn yourself out or get injured. 2-4 classes is a good start, depending on the intensity of the workouts and the general level of fitness.

You'll find that when you get more experience (usually after 8-12 months, depending on how quickly you pick things up) your improvement will slow down significantly. That's usually when it's a good idea to increase the number of classes to continue to grow at that pace, or stick to the number of classes and accept the slower progress.

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