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I have done paleo for several years. It's not necessarily a weight loss diet, but avoiding grains, beans, and refined sugar does effectively cut a lot of empty calories out of your meals, so it definitely can be. Some people have problems with it because all of a sudden you can't eat the bun with your burger or the rice with your stir fry and culturally we are pretty heavily indoctrinated into eating that stuff. It's a little weird at first, making tuna salad and then eating it with a fork instead of in a sandwich, but you get used to it.

You eat a lot of meat, veggies, fruits, and nuts, which is awesome, and when you're sidestepping all those carbs you can eat a lot more without worry. I cook with bacon grease regularly, which sounds like it should be really unhealthy, but my resting heart rate and blood pressure are considerably better than before I went paleo. I also cheat though, because I can't give up cheese

Over all I think it's actually a relatively easy diet to adhere to, since you still have a lot of delicious options, and you feel pretty damn good to boot. Go for it!

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