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Originally Posted by sucrets View Post
Logic is not popularity. In fact claiming to be logical because most think like you is a logical fallacy known as argumentum ad populum.

Like I said, don't talk to me about logic when you don't know the first thing about it.

TJ Grant? That's your answer? The rest of your claim makes zero sense. Just because someone loses early that doesn't mean shit. Also Pettis' ground game is amazing so I don't know what you're trying to get at with the striker comment...

The way I see it, barring Pettis, Ben is the best fighter in the division and since he's been defending successfully his title up until Pettis, he is deserving of at least an attempt to reclaim it. If he loses that, then by all means go to the next guy. But let's not talk about Ben as if he's some average dude that simply happened to have gotten the belt by chance or something.
This is simple it's like the Liddell/rampage situation. The fight wasn't close they are not split pettis has won both fights and the second was more convincing. The former champ does not automatically get a rematch unless it was controversial or he is like Anderson silva who was absurdly dominant. Bendo is not Anderson

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