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Originally Posted by Python
What part of your fighting style are you most lacking in and if anyone has some fixes reply. Me personally is ground work, and how to best work my body and what particular muscles to work on, to work on the ground wether offensive or defensive.

The best thing to improve ground game:

1. study and learn the position - you need to not only learn the technique, but the way it is applied, why it works, and how it works. You need to have a full understanding of the chemistry in a technique.

2. Learn the basics - The basics refer to center line (yours and his/hers), where your weight is, where your opponents weight is, where your hips are, where your opponents hips are. keeping things tite.

3. Mat time - this is single and most important...spend time on the mat you can get no better if you are not there earning you advancement.

4. Have fun - if you are not having fun out there then your mind will become fixed on other things and it will not be fun to do what you are doing.
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