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Started the first book in the Harry Potter series, watched the movies a few times but never read the books. So far it's really good, a lot more details than in the movie (obviously). Will read a few books in between this series for breaks. I really want to read "The Day if The Triffids", but it's currently "under construction" on the kindle store, as apparently it wasn't formatted right the first time so I have to wait for that to finish being worked on.

edit - Finished reading Sorcerer's Stone, started Switch! The Lost Kingdoms of Karibu. Pretty good for what it is, it's pretty short at about 270 pages, but only $4 (on Kindle at least). I want short stand-alone books in between the potter series, and this suits that need quite well.

Has anyone read Wastelands: Stories of the Apocalypse? It's a bunch of short stories about life after the apocalypse, one of my favorite settings. Has anyone read this and know if the stories are well done?
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