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Originally Posted by Rygu View Post
I have to agree. It's as if people expect Tex to have to steamroll everyone without taking any damage in order to have a chance against JBJ. I believe Jones will finish anyone he can take down and get on top of, but if it stayed on the feet Tex would smash him.
My bigger take away was how much Bader was landing on Tex. Bader is known as a sloppy and slow striker and he was landing pretty decently on Tex. Bader wasn't beating his ass or anything, except for those couple of last shots, but for a guy who is supposed to be one of the best strikers at LHW avoiding someone like Bader should be pretty easy.

Jones probably won't KO Tex, that is very likely true. But if the fight stays standing Tex will eat tons of shots from JBJ and give basically nothing in return. He couldn't keep Bader at range and he couldn't avoid Bader's slow punches (although they looked crisper than normal). Like Weidman if Tex gets a title shot he always has the mandatory minimum 1% Serra chance to win, it just doesn't look like the fight will be all that competitive.

The other thing that concerns me is the clinch. Bader controlled Tex way too easily in the clinch against the cage. With someone with his wrestling chops I thought we would have seen him play the over/under hook game and instead he just sort of accepted it and stopped trying to eat punches.
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