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Originally Posted by Roflcopter View Post

This post should be archived to demonstrate the general idiocy of MMA fans.

Apparently a guy can be a bust or overhyped if he's probably the 2nd or 3rd best LHW in the world...behind arguably the most talented fighter to date.

You are on some magic mushrooms if you think some unstoppable destroyer that is going to "give Jones too much trouble" is just going to pop up nonchalantly anytime soon. No one said this about Glover other than he was probably a top 10 LHW talent long before the big names stopped ducking him.

He also represents the toughest challenge to Jones currently, as like Pettis, hes dangerous everywhere. He has the stiker's chance of landing something big and the scrambler's chance. Jones leaves his neck in for a guillotine on a takedown it could be over, and I'm willing to bet Glover is more dangerous on his back than a guy like Vitor Belfort.

Not favoring him by any means, clearly when you do the sort of things Jones has done in this sport you deserve to be the favour it's over everyone, but I certainly wouldn't bet on Jones hiven the number of viable ways he could lose this fight.

I do love though, that every time a guy doesn't steamroll another to 10 guy you have people that have nothing to add but "Myeh! He can't beat the champion!"

Bader looked pretty steam rolled laying on his back before the end of the first round.

The uncertainty comes from getting tagged by Ryan Bader in the first place... more than one time too.

To his credit, he recovered and easily kept his composure; Bader has some power so he's obviously got a chin.

It just shows some holes in his striking defense.... and his lack of speed.

Doesn't mean he's not a top 10 LHW. Doesn't mean he's not a top 5 heavy weight... I just don't see the Glover Teixeira that showed up tonight, giving JBJ any issues.

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