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Yeah he's slow but his timing and power are good enough to keep him competitive with most.

He just wont be able to fight his way in against Jones and will get parted out over the coarse of time until Jones pounces and ends it.

He's the kind of guy Jones could score a fight ending HLK or a flashy punch/elbow against IMO because I dont think he can move and get out of the way quick enough.

Hes defiantly upper top ten though.
Originally Posted by 420atalon View Post
I would like to see Teixeira beat one of Gustafsson, Evans, Davis, Machida before I could even begin to consider him the 2nd or 3rd best LHW fighter. Heck beating Henderson or Sonnen would raise Teixeira's stock imo.

Liza is right and you as well as others just don't understand it. There is no proof that Teixeira is the 2nd or 3rd best LHW fighter. He might be the 2nd or 3rd best LHW fighter that hasn't already lost to Jones but that doesn't make him the best of the rest. He hasn't faced any of the best yet, his best wins are Bader and Jackson who are barely top 10 fighers now. And Teixeira didn't even look that good against Bader...
Id love to see him fight those guys too but its not his fault they wont fight him. IDK if that should be held against him.

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