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Originally Posted by 420atalon View Post
Jones is a good fighter but does have some weaknesses. His striking actually isn't that great, it is unpredictable and can be devastating but his actual form isn't great and good strikers can take advantage of that(Machida showed us this).

I think Gus is actually good enough to beat Jones in a striking match but I don't think Jones will let him do so as I don't think Gus will be able to avoid Jones' takedowns and ground game.
LOL, he showed us Jones can beat his ass striking, that's what he showed us LOL.

That first round was garbage, it was so so so less significant than most haters make it out to be but they wont stop latching onto the fight because it gives them hope..

What exactly did he show us? That Jones can beat him up striking, rock his world with a mean punch and step in and coke him to death?

Jones was tooling him in the second and Machida landed a whopping 8 strikes total in the first round, and you think that show Jones has weaknesses striking?

If you want to analyze Jons striking you have to look at some other fight because Machida didn't do shit to Jones.
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