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Originally Posted by 420atalon View Post
And yet Machida looked better and most had him winning the first round with his striking...

Jones didn't have success in that fight until he took Lyoto down. It ended pretty quickly after that though.

Imo Jones's biggest weakness is definitely his striking. His unnatural range and agility makes it hard for other fighters to get into range and then when they do get close enough they are in his takedown range which is even more dangerous for them.
I had Jones winning the first round. Also people keep getting it backwards. Jones actually hit Lyoto with a straight right that stunned him, then took him down, wrecked his face, then after they were standing again he got choked out. Here is an article that gives a decent play by play:

Lyoto had a nice trick of rushing to the punch, but Jones coaches quickly figured it out and showed JBJ how to beat Lyoto standing. He even proved it by cracking the 'elusive' Lyoto.

JBJ is no striking master, he is not the next Anderson Silva, but he knows how to use his tools very well and until someone shows that they know how to handle his tools I am going to question anyone who thinks they are just going to walk up to JBJ and KO him. It isn't going to happen that way. Someone will need to be able to have an answer for the front kicks and knee kicks, a way to back him up to the cage to prevent his 'elusiveness', and finally a way to handle his clinch. It is a tall order and somewhere there is someone who can handle it, but it isn't Tex or Gus. It is probably some up and coming prospect who no one sees coming, much like JBJ.
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