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Originally Posted by Roflcopter View Post

This post should be archived to demonstrate the general idiocy of MMA fans.

Apparently a guy can be a bust or overhyped if he's probably the 2nd or 3rd best LHW in the world...behind arguably the most talented fighter to date.

You are on some magic mushrooms if you think some unstoppable destroyer that is going to "give Jones too much trouble" is just going to pop up nonchalantly anytime soon. No one said this about Glover other than he was probably a top 10 LHW talent long before the big names stopped ducking him.

He also represents the toughest challenge to Jones currently, as like Pettis, hes dangerous everywhere. He has the stiker's chance of landing something big and the scrambler's chance. Jones leaves his neck in for a guillotine on a takedown it could be over, and I'm willing to bet Glover is more dangerous on his back than a guy like Vitor Belfort.

Not favoring him by any means, clearly when you do the sort of things Jones has done in this sport you deserve to be the favour it's over everyone, but I certainly wouldn't bet on Jones hiven the number of viable ways he could lose this fight.

I do love though, that every time a guy doesn't steamroll another to 10 guy you have people that have nothing to add but "Myeh! He can't beat the champion!"

Good post Roflcopter. I pretty much agree, although I expected people to criticize Glover a lot.

The thing is, Glover is also dangerous when he's vulnerable. Some guys get hurt and they curl up into a little ball waiting for the referee to pull their opponent off of them. Glover rolled with the punches pretty well and then countered getting the TKO victory. People making claims that he has a weak chin is laughable. Bader may not be the best striker, but he hits like a truck. Glover managing to stay calm, not be finished, and to turn around and finish the fight himself shows the type of toughness and will he has. He's a mature fighter that doesn't wilt.

His striking defense isn't the best, but every fighter has some flaws. Fortunately for him, he has one hell of a chin and knows how to deal with adversity in the cage. The fight had me worried, but overall, I'm happy with the result. Glover is a complete fighter in my opinion.

He has very good striking, power, great wrestling, legit BJJ, outstanding conditioning, solid chin, strong will and heart, and he trains with Chuck Liddell, my favorite fighter of all time. Glover has some holes in his game, but I think the pros out weigh the cons by a fair bit. He may not and probably will not beat Jones which is not an insult at all considering Jones is the very best in his weight class, but Glover is a legit threat considering he's dangerous no matter where the fight goes. There is no comfort zone with this guy.

Originally Posted by Proud German View Post
Roflcopter, no offence, but do you understand anything about this sport?

You do?? Oh, then why do you talk about Alexander as if he is a ballerina when in fact he is a great great fighter who convincingly beat back to back idiots like Rua and Thiago Silva. They have not been the same since their mauling.

I don't know how Bader lost to this overrrated Teixeira, but I do know that it wouldn't happen again. Had Bader used his superior intelligence and developed a submission on Teixeira the moment he busted his weak chin, we would be seeing a worthy strapping LHW contender, but now we have to hear all this ringing about how this bum, who got his butt kicked by Ed Herman, is going to be the one to beat Alexander. No, this will not happen. Alexander is ten years younger than Texeira, and you Rolf think he has less chance of beating Jones?

Did you seriously bring up his loss to Ed Herman? You must be trolling. That loss was 8 years ago, that can't be held against someone now. I'll use your logic for a second. Let's bring up Anderson Silva's loss to Daiju Takase while we're at it. Daiju must be a top 3 middleweight. Oh, and your boy Gus got submitted in the first round by Davis. He must have no ground game huh? That was a while ago but I'll just refuse to consider the fact that he has improved. He's still that kid because no one can improve right?

Your next point, Glover does not have a weak chin. If he did, he wouldn't have made that great come back. Bader isn't a great striker, but he is a powerful dude. Glover surviving that and getting the come from behind win shows that he has a good chin and a strong recovery time, not to mention heart.

Oh, and calling Gus' two biggest wins "idiots" doesn't help your cause for saying he's the best at 205.

I mean no disrespect, but I think you're probably trolling. If you're not.. Well, you can think Glover is overrated, you can even think he isn't a top 5 fighter, but give credit when it is due. Bringing up losses from 2005 is grasping at straws and calling him a bum is just ridiculous. Even if he does lose to Gus if/when they fight, would that make him a bum? Not at all. You must really hate this guy.

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