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Originally Posted by cdtcpl View Post
Ok, a valid argument I am interested. Now the question is who on his list of who he has beaten adds to his momentum other than DW declaring him the next big thing at LHW? It's like the Matt Brown argument. I would love to see Matt Brown get a shot against GSP, and he has a massive momentum swing on him, but who on his list of victims says that he is a contender?

Please don't take this as me being a dick, I really do want to hear your argument. As far as I currently see it Tex has momentum solely through hype, but I am more than open to hear justification to how I am wrong.

Edit: No matter how I read it in my own head I think I sound like a dick in this post when I am trying not to be.
Your word you are not trying to be a dick is more than enough for me. Thanks.

Lets see this. Jones is the undisputed Champion and look back at his own competition. How to compare the 6 winstreak momentum of Matt Brown (which is good, btw) with Glover's 20 fecking fights winstreak (only 2 decisions in this period, btw)? And not mentioning the LHW division at this moment is arguably shallower than the WW in terms of competition.

PS: Not being a dick. Swear.
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