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Originally Posted by Soojooko View Post
I felt exactly like this till this fight. But I really cant express how impressed I was with the finish. Back against the cage, under pressure, and out comes a beautiful counter combination that made me wet my knickers. I mean, how many fighters in the UFC can do that? It's a *very* rare thing in MMA to see that level of striking. Were you not impressed?

Teixeira went up a tier in my estimation. From thinking he had zero chance against Bones, I now feel he has some tools that could throw up problems for Jones.

Having said that, Jones is a beast from another dimension. Tex may have a few tools. Bones has a whole fecking walk-in waldrobe full of fancy options. Tex may have 2 ways to win. Bones has 28.
The finish was impressive but he was getting worked for the most part by Ryan Bader standing before that. I like Tex but the more I see of him the more it becomes clear he is the Kampmann of LHW. Good to really good in every area but also very vulnerable at the highest level because of poor striking defense and wrestling that is solid but not overwhelming. He is lucky that the division is kind of mediocre right now with so many of the top guys aging poorly and no super talented young guys outside of Bones and Gus.
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