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Originally Posted by M.C View Post
I played GW2 for a while and other than the fact that weapons determine what skills you have, it's WoW/EQ/SW/countless others with better graphics. It's a third person game that relies heavily on cooldowns with your skills auto targeting everything. I played WoW and GW2 exactly the same, you just run up to an enemy and start spamming your auto-target cooldowns.

You are right in that it's what the masses like, I'm just not one of the masses. I don't like modern military shooters like BF/CoD, yet they sell like nuts.

I've been playing "stand still, throw out auto-target cooldowns while enemy beats on me" MMO's since 1999, it feels extremely outdated to me at this point.
I actually thought GW2 took everything that was bad in those games and improved it. You can't really stand still in GW2 or you'll be dead. The real time dodging and the way bosses are built make you move constantly. And that's just one of the reasons why GW2 feels much less outdated than most of the EQ style MMOs out there.

Can't say I think it's the best game out there, I've actually grown to hate everything MMO. Optional co-op is where it's at if you ask me (for player vs environment content).

Oh and there aren't nearly enough good business simulation games out there. If I were a game designer I'd make one where you can do everything... like Capitalism 2 but even more options.

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