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Originally Posted by cdtcpl View Post
Oh no doubt, I am just trying to keep certain facts in check that seem to be getting out of control. Some people seem to think that Jones will only have a slight reach advantage of Gus, or that Gus is the young hungry challenger, etc. The reality is that Gus faces a lot of the exact same obstacles other opponents of JBJ face. Gus isn't lucky in that he happens to share the reach or anything like that.

Gus is a big dude, his legs are obviously more full the JBJ's, but he is still facing a massive reach disadvantage and while they are the same age it "seems" like JBJ has been facing the top competition longer while Gus is just breaking into it.
Agree. Gus is used to face smaller guys as well, so having a big guy with Jones talent will be massive trouble for him.

It's the "top competition" Jones faced I don't buy it. Ok, top for the absence of better fighters, I get it, but c'omon:

Brandon Vera? Grandpa Matyushenko? Object of this thread Ryan Bader? Guy who looks like Shogun? Rampage? Machida? Post Machida Rashad? Broken hand Vitor? Chael Fecking Sonnen?

Jones is better than all of the above mentioned guys. That's all I can reckon. Impressed? Not as much.

Gus and Tex are fights I am anxious to happen for the quality and regularity of their records.
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