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Originally Posted by MMA-Sportsman View Post
Agree. Gus is used to face smaller guys as well, so having a big guy with Jones talent will be massive trouble for him.

It's the "top competition" Jones faced I don't buy it. Ok, top for the absence of better fighters, I get it, but c'omon:

Brandon Vera? Grandpa Matyushenko? Object of this thread Ryan Bader? Guy who looks like Shogun? Rampage? Machida? Post Machida Rashad? Broken hand Vitor? Chael Fecking Sonnen?

Jones is better than all of the above mentioned guys. That's all I can reckon. Impressed? Not as much.

Gus and Tex are fights I am anxious to happen for the quality and regularity of their records.
the reason I feel Jones is worthy of his praise is for 2 reasons:

1. the names you mentioned are all pros in the best league in the sport, Jones has dominated every single person he's fought. Machida made it look close, sort of, for part of a round. Just because he's not getting the absolute best in the divisions history doesn't take that much away from him because;

2. he's faced every person the UFC put in front of him eagerly. I think it's not merely the case that the guys you mentioned are that bad, it's that Jones makes them look bad. Rashad, Rampage etc. would still be in the mix if it weren't for Jones. He made Machida and Shogun look like amateurs, both of whom were supposed to be phenoms. Seems to me that Jones is making these guys look bad so it makes both himself and his opponents look bad. I agree the opponents aren't the top the division has ever had to offer but he's fighting everyone and beating them handily, you can't really ask more of the guy and there's nobody at LHW that is a favorite over him in the world. Jones is the next generation version of an mma fighter; dynamic, big, strong, tough and adaptable. Nobody else even comes close to that, when you put a guy like that up against someone like a one dimensional Rampage it just demonstrates how bad Rampage actually is.
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