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Originally Posted by cdtcpl View Post
1) I find it hilarious we are still arguing in this thread.
Yeah, me too. Isn't that great? We're here to have fun or what?
Originally Posted by cdtcpl View Post
2) You were not impressed by JBJ? Shogun survived 4 rounds of the Hendo bomb but JBJ made him tap. JBJ beat (finished) Lyoto within 2 rounds, it took Shogun 6. Vitor and Sonnen I'll give you, but when he fought Bader he was the next in line for a title shot after Rashad.
After Hendo KO Fedor, he got a exciting decision(lot of heart and that's it) with Shogun's shell and two boring decisions with Machida and Rashad. He's an old dude, man. Can't compare to Jones.
Lyoto almost never attacks, only counter attacks. He was a puzzle for everyone when Shogun fought him for the first time and you know it. Remember the Machida era? When Shogun figured out how to beat Machida and exposed him to others, it took only one round in the next fight. After that, what, Machida lost a boring decision to Rampage and kicked the face of grandpa Couture into retirement.
Don't take me wrong. The finishing was impressive, but Machida is far from being the aggressive all rounded fighter to highlight Bones, IMO.

Bader was a promise that crashed.

Originally Posted by cdtcpl View Post
He also finished Vitor and Sonnen like they weren't even in his league, and other than the surprise arm bar attempt by Vitor he was in no other danger those fights. Hell, he was still throwing the arm that had just been getting torqued on.
Vitor and Sonnen are not in Jones league, That's what I am saying, specially an one hand Vitor.

Originally Posted by cdtcpl View Post
I am not excited at all for Gus or Tex, I just don't think they have anything to bring to the table that we haven't seen JBJ handle with ease already. I will say though, I cannot offer any alternative fights for him to take. I understand the fights have to happen, I just don't see why people think they stand more of a chance then they do.
Well that's a sad truth. Beside DC coming I don't see nobody yet to challenge Bones, but Gus and Tex have the best paper records among all of the guys Jones faced. That's why I am very attentive for those matches.
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