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Joined a couple buddies to do circuit training

3 rounds, trying to complete as fast as you can, 2 minutes rest between rounds

10 Clean and Press@95lbs
10 Pullups
20 Russian Twists with medicine bal
5 Pushup Burpee

My times were like 1:45,1:42,2:50. I really broke in the third round. Good short little workout.

Then a few hours later I went to BJJ. We drilled takedowns and somehow my partners foot got stuck in the mat and he went down on it awkwardly. Our instructor had to take him to the hospital, probably a broken ankle. ****. Guard passes. Next class was straight ankle locks, defense, rolling kneebar from guard, defense. Rolled, tapped a blue belt with a kneebar, tapped a strong guy on his first day with a variety of things, and had a closed guard stalemate with another blue belt.
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