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I think I get why Ronda was stressing out about this show airing. I'll admit I already don't care for her as much as I used to. She seems emotionally immature and you can tell she is the type to throw a tantrum if she loses or doesn't get her way. Not a very flattering image lol. I'm also beginning to like Tate more since she seems to be much more down to earth. That being said Ronda is still probably the baddest chick in the division and may still destroy the other girls :b

And Shayna should be embarrassed for thinking she will just "magically" win her fights easily because she is a vet. If your cardio is s**t and your opponent doesn't stop coming, all that other stuff doesn't matter.

Your reputation doesn't mean s**t in a fight. Her opponent had heart and wasn't afraid to bang and that was way more helpful in the fight than Shayna's reputation.
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