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You should do 5 5 5 stuff. Which is basically 5 exercises, doing 5 repititions right after each other non stop.
5 squat thrusts
5 bent over rows (should help with pull ups)
5 push ups (maybe on the knees if you need)
10 sit ups
5 over head presses
all done with an amount of weight that you would be able to use for about 5-15 minutes. idk if you would even want to do this but an exercise plan like that can get you into good shape. Any kind of cardio would help you lose the fat along with eating healthy. and sit ups would build up the midsection abs. But also do vacuumes which is basically sucking in your stomach and much as possible and holding 20 seconds which helps stop the internal organs from sagging giving to a slightly smaller stomach. ANd hanging leg raises help with the abs also.

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