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Originally Posted by TheNegation
So why not do a martial art that is effective and condition yourself at home?
In all my experience of martial arts, the only training that pushed me as far as conditioning went was boxing, and first thing I had to do when walking in there for what I thought webe some easy training was 200 press ups, never mind the cardio workout. I don't mean to badmouth your TKD training or anything, but when I was doing it the conditioning was piss, less difficult even than the kickboxing place I went to.
I am doing thai boxing now, twice a week, and the only people who find it difficult are the people I know do not train outside of the few times they goduring the week.
You do not need to pay a TKD instructor to have good coonditioning...
I don't pay my instructor for conditioning, I do it on my own 5x a week at my local Y, high intensity on various cardio machines, except the treadmill b/c my ankle break isn't completely healed yet. he requires it in one of the two classes i take per week. normally i would be running 4-5 miles a day 5 days a week. you need to understand that i live in a small city where there isn't any muay thai, bjj, kune tao, jkd or whatever instruction available, and i have no interest in sport karate. Whether or not a martial art is effective in the general sense is a matter of opinion.
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