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Originally Posted by Evil Ash
I have K-1 Premium Dynamite which has K-1 and MMA. I don't think the game is bad. I'll try and cover the things you want to know about. The K-1 isn't a lot like the real K-1. It's a lot faster and each face button controls a limb. You just point the d-pad in a direction. You can't use the ring much to your advantage like how you can in Fight Night. It's either defend yourself or get KO'd. If that makes much sense because that's what it's like in real life too.. If you compare it to Fight Night you should understand. It's very quick. You only have their set moves, you can't brawl like they do in real life K-1 or Fight Night. But the moves that the fighters do have are pretty good. They pretty much all have their own moves and the combos are pretty cool. The main disciplines are of course your Kickboxing, Muay Thai, Karate and Boxing. Kickboxing are like your Peter Aerts, Ernesto Hoost, Ray Sefo. Well Ray is more versatile but yeah. They will keep coming at you with combos. Muay Thai, Ignashov. He's tough. You can Knock him around but then he will get you in the clinch and knee the hell out of your face. Karate, Musashi, Filho, Greco. They have like spinning back kicks and heel kicks. Boxing, JLB, Amada, Butterbean. They're all different but generally they really pay attention to each style. Like Jerome is a very underrated kickboxer. He works a lot of combos. Amada works a lot of combos and Butterbean is all power. So in that sense the game is very good. In Fight Night you can go in there as Manny Pacquiao and KO Smokin' Joe. In this the guys will give you a hard time. If you don't work with their style, you'll lose. That would explain realism, I think.

Next is graphics. The graphics arn't the best but I like them. They're better than they appear in screen shots. I like them.

Gameplay. I explained a lot about the gameplay up there. But I didn't explain the MMA, so I will explain the K-1 a bit more and then the MMA. You have your health bar and your stamina bar. Health doesn't mean a whole lot if you have no stamina. You get knocked down when your stamina is down low and you get punched, kicked, kneed, whatever. From there it's similar to FN. You move theleft joystick from left to right trying to get your stamina bar up. There is a point system. Seems pretty realistic. I have only ever gone to a decision once or twice. So you can block you can lean and dodge. You can counter. I think that's about it for the K-1. The MMA stand up system is the same. Only thing is once you get knocked down it goes to stand and down or to the four point position. From the stand and down position you can can kick them in their legs, stomp on them, go to guard, side position. There are takedowns. You always go to guard from there. The ground game isn't that great but it's probably more realistic compared to other MMA games as it's harder to advance your postition. There isn't many submissions at all. The punching on the ground is kind of cool. A lot more realistic. When you continue to punch somebody in the head they can't do anything for a few seconds. If you find yourself in that situation you have to do the joystick thing. From there you can continue to punch them which will of course Knock them out or you can submit them. There is only guard position, side position, mount and the 4 point position. So the game does mainly focus on the stand up but it isn't bad. The K-1 fighters have no ground game, btw. Okay the roster is the best part. There are a few people that could have been on it that would have made it so much better but over all the roster is pretty exciting. WHat happens is you first start off with your K-1 fighters and your MMA fighters. When you beat the game with say Hoost, you unlock him for MMA. When you beat the game with say Gary Goodridge, you unlock him for K-1.

Okay, the fighters.

Josh Barnett
Peter Aerts
Alexey Ignashov
Francisco Filho
Jerome Le Banner
Bob Sapp
Ernesto Hoost
Ray Sefo
Don Frye
Gary Goodridge
Sam Greco
Genki Sudo
Kazuyuki Fujita
Noburo Kakuda
Yoshihiro Takayama
Hiromi Amada
Shinsuke Nakamura
Manabu Nakanishi

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