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I don't see how Vera could beat Chuck if Tito, Babalu, Babalu, Couture, Couture, Vernon White, Vitor, and Alistair all got KOed (or TKOed) by Chuck. I don't think Vera is even close to being as good as some of those on the list. I don't understand what's so impressive about Vera and why everyone talks so highly about him. I mean, he might be really good, but he hasn't really shown it yet I don't think. I didn't think he looked that great beating those crappy opponents in the last year. He seriously has not fought anybody worth bragging about except maybe a much shorter Assuerio Silva. He's basically just someone from TUF with the resume he has. He's 7-0 but hasn't beaten anybody even close to Chuck or Arlovski. I'm not saying he IS a bad fighter, but what has he shown for some of you to think he is worthy of a title shot. Rashad Evans is 8-0 but that doesn't mean he could come close to beating Chuck or Arlovski. Maybe Vera will prove me wrong moving down a weight class, but right now I don't see what all the big hype about him is? Chuck would knock him out faster than he did Babalu imo and so would Arlovski. I hope Vera fights Mir with Mir at 100% and in shape so we can see what Vera's really made of. I hope he proves me wrong because the UFC needs some better HWs and LHWs.

If he moves down a weight class I can't even see him beating Griffin or Bisping honestly.
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